Why Hire a CMC?

The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is the only widely recognized Professional Certification in the global consulting marketplace.

In order to gain certification as a CMC, an individual must hold a post-secondary education degree or diploma; plus they must have taken additional education and training in fields related to management consulting. In addition, CMC’s must show a minimum level of proven experience , knowledge and competency in ALL of the following areas (known as our Common Body of Knowledge):

  • Financial Management 
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Marketing & Communications Management
  • Operations Management, Business Process Engineering, Quality Improvement, Six Sigma
  • Strategic Management, Leadership & Governance

These include an understanding of and commitment to best practices of:

  • Organizational Management Disciplines, and Methodologies
  • Critical-/Systems- Thinking and Decision Making
  • Research and Analytic Methodologies leading to Independent Assessment/ Recommendations

Finally, all CMC’s commit to and follow our Code of Ethics and Uniform Code of Professional Conduct.

Management Consulting is a $16.4 Billion industry in Canada (IBIS World Report 54161CA July 2019), with over 86,000 companies, and about 140,000 employees. Many providers in Canada and Alberta also provide consulting internationally.  In Alberta it is estimated to be a $2.5 Billion, 15,000 employee industry, with an average wage of about $92,000.

For clients of management consulting, it can be “buyer beware” when you hire a management consultant.

When you hire a CMC, the combination of their training, proven competency and assessment to standards, plus commitment to being ethical and professional, provides the customer-client with a higher level of management consulting expertise.

Finally, the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is officially recognized in over 50 countries, with Professional Institutes of Management Consulting which ensure rigorous certification standards and monitor competent ongoing professional practice of all those who earn the CMC.