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Current & Upcoming Professional Development Sessions 

(Available to ICMCA Registrants in Canada).

Flying the Dragon - How to identify & tackle complex problems.

Join us on Oct 19th & 20th (9 am to 1 pm MST ) for an exciting Zoom Presentation by Christina Marie Comeau

Wicked Problems are the ones that seem impossible to solve, but which there is a moral imperative that they are solved. In this troubled world, we are encountering them and working with clients to find ways to overcome them. Wicked Problems would include Indigenous Reconciliation, Climate Crisis, and Dealing with Clients in Post Covid Shock. In this online 8-hour works shop (spread over 2 days, 4 hours each) we will explore working in Complexity and Wicked Problems focusing on the three areas of:

  • Awareness based Leadership -ability to recognize Complexity & Emergence
  • Complexity thinking –how do you think about complex systems
  • Collective Governance -how existing power structures impact the ability to address a Wicked Problem

This session will be led by Christina Marie Comeau who introduced us to Leading in Complexity at the February Virtual happy Hour. Her February session was one of our most popular sessions we have hosted so far in 2021. We are happy to have her return and take us deeper into her work.

To maximize your learning experience this session will only has space for 25 people, so register early to make sure you get a spot.

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Cost: PAID

Words Don't Lie But People DoDetecting Deception in Everyday Communications. 

Join us on Sept 28th & 29th (09 am to 1 pm MST Each Day) for this exciting 8-hour Professional Development Online Session -

Delve into the world of linguistic analysts and FBI profilers to learn how a person's words reveal whether they are truthful or not. Discover how linguistic lie detection techniques can help you in all of your business dealings (8 CPD's).

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Cost: PAID

Risk & Liability for Management Consultants

Join us on Oct 7th (4 to 6 pm MST ) for an exciting Zoom Presentation on Risk & Liability for Management Consultants by Olivia Reed, Director at BMS Canada and BMS Global Affinity, as well as a RIBO Licenced Insurance Broker.

The main objectives of the presentation are:

Provide an overview of current and emerging risks facing Management Consultants and how the liability insurance through the CMC-Canada program can support in mitigating these.

  • Understand key differences between the coverages
  • Obtain greater detail on coverage and exclusions within a range of liability policies

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Cost: FREE