How to Find a CMC in Alberta

Are you a customer-client looking for a CMC to help your organization?

We would be pleased to help you find one or more consultants that you can consider and find the “right” match for your needs. There are a couple of was we can assist.

1. First, you can search our membership directory.

You will be asked to enter some information about the individual and/or the service area you are looking to find assistance.

Name – if you know the consultant’s name, and are sure of the spelling, then enter the first and/or last name. You can leave this blank if you are looking for choice of a number of individuals.

Designation – Leaving this blank will provide results that include CMCs, FCMCs, and non-certified members. CMC refers to Certified Management Consultants. FCMC refers to those CMCs who have been recognized for their service excellence & innovation, giving back to the professional community, and community service at large.

Industry/ Service Area – This will give you consultants that have specific experience in particular industries and/or particular areas of consulting.

Location – We recommend a search on “Alberta” first – without specifying a town. Many of our consultants are located in various towns but service the whole province, country or even internationally.

If you end up with too many choices, then you can narrow to the city/town. This said, some of our best consultants live just outside the major centers or in suburbs.

2. Second, if you are having ANY difficulties using this membership directory, or would prefer to talk to a real person – then just give our office a call. 1-587-487-2722

We can help you use the system or take your details and interests and make a call-out to our members on your behalf.

If you are a Registrant-Member of ICMCA

Please sign-in to your Membership Dashboard. Once you are signed in you can do a search for other members – based upon name, location, practice/service area(s) and so on. This will only bring-up members who have completed their personal profile in the Directory!

If you are having any difficulty with the directory search or have a specific interest we can assist with, please give our ICMCA Registrar a call or email!