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Annual Award Nominations

2024 Award Nominations
Please complete this form to submit your nominations for the 2024 awards. Form closes Friday, April 12, 2024.

List of Annual Awards

ICMCA Impact Award
In recognition of a substantial effort on a project that leads to a significant tangible result or ‘impact’ for the CMC community. The award recipient will have delivered ‘game changing’ results and potentially created new pathways and options for the CMC community, ICMCA, and/or our national partners. 

ICMCA Distinguished Service Award
Awarded to CMCs who have rendered extensive, exemplary service to the profession, provided leadership to the CMC community, and whose professional achievements in their career have brought honour to the profession. 

ICMCA Lifetime Achievement Award
Awarded to CMCs who have continued to render exceptional, exemplary service to the profession, provided leadership to the CMC community, and whose professional achievements in their career have made them “legendary” in our communities and brought both inspiration and honour to the profession.

ICMCA Partner Award
In recognition of consulting industry partners and organizations which have demonstrated support, guidance and have helped the industry and professionals to sustain and grow their practices in the economy.  It is for organizations which have shown an ongoing commitment to the industry and have played an important role in supporting the ICMCA vision and mandate of industry growth and public protection. 

ICMCA Emerging Professional Award
In recognition of a recent CMC in the early stage of their career, and with several years as a consulting professional, and who has distinguished themselves 
with industry, volunteer activities, clients and among fellow consultants. Exemplary ethics and professionalism. Clearly advancing the standards, techniques, knowledge used in one or more sub-specialty of Management Consulting. 

FCMC Nominations

2024 FCMC Nominations
Please complete the form below, using the guideline as needed, to submit your nominations for the 2024 FCMC designation awards.
Please email your submissions to the Registrar:
Submissions accepted until Friday, April 12, 2024.

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Past Awards

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