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Associate membership

Associate membership is for those with an active interest in management consulting
and who agree to abide by the Code of Ethics. 

Membership fee of $275 per year (prorated based on calendar year) includes Auto-Renewal. Your membership will be automatically renewed on January 1st annually

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Quebec residents are required to be members of the Adm.A in order to obtain the CMC designation.

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academic partners

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What's included with your CMC-Canada Membership?

  • Certification: Start your journey to becoming a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) by becoming a member. Holding the CMC Designation will ignite your professional reputation while unlocking unparalleled career advancement opportunities.
  • Recognition and promotion: Position yourself as a leader in your industry and take part in shaping its future with the CMC Designation

    Professional development and learning: CMCs have access to a range of professional development resources to help you stay current with emerging trends and industry best practices.

  • Networking and Mentorship: The CMC community is second to none, where members thrive in thought leadership, mentorship and comradery, collaborating and sharing best practices and knowledge. 
  • Membership Benefits & Savings:  CMC-Canada’s benefit partners offer member-exclusive tools and savings including: YouExec Resources ($150 value), GoodLife (save up to $400), and much more.

  • Exclusive opportunities: The association’s MAS IRAP program and new job board offer members career opportunities not available anywhere else.
  • Immediate access to our Common Body of Knowledge
  • And much more!

Group and Corporate membership options are available, please contact us directly at:
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