Certification Courses

  • Ethical behaviour: best practices of management consultants

    The goal of Ethical Behaviour: Best Practices of Management Consultants is to acquaint consultants with the challenges associated with maintaining professional standards and best practices in the profession. While the course is primarily directed at management consultants, the material is applicable to those offering advisory services in other genres, including accounting, technology, and human resources.

    In an interactive setting, participants explore how to avoid, and resolve, ethical dilemmas frequently faced by consultants.

    This is a blended course that has three components: a self-paced online module, a 3hr live virtual classroom session and an online exam. In order to participate fully in the Zoom online class, you will need a reliable internet connection, a working webcam and a computer microphone,

    Course length:
      (1.5hrs online module & 3.5hrs live classroom)
    Exam format:   
    Must be taken within 30 days of class, must be completed in one session (within 8hrs) of launch, open book.

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    Dynamic and interactive, The Essentials of Management Consulting (EMC) is valuable to management consultants wanting to deliver superior value to their clients, to anyone who is considering becoming a management consultant, to those looking to fine-tune or supplement their management consulting toolkit and skills, and to any member who is pursuing the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation.

    The Essentials of Management Consulting focuses on three core consulting competencies:
    • Helping clients assess their current situation, including the business challenges and opportunities they can address to improve upon the present.
    • Helping clients develop strategies for growth and development.
    • Helping clients address change management processes while implementing recommendations.
    To develop your strengths in these areas, the course covers:
    • The five stages of the consulting process and the deliverables associated with each stage.
    • Introduction to consulting tools and techniques used during the various stages of the consulting process especially in Diagnosis and Action Planning.
    • The importance of considering all six functional areas of organization management (Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Finance, Operations, Information Technology, and Marketing) during a consulting assignment.
    • Teamwork using Tuckman's forming, storming, norming, performing (and adjourning) model, including teambuilding tools and techniques and opportunities for both co-located and virtual teamwork activities.
    • Client Communications, including simulated milestone presentations and meetings with a client and key written reports associated with the consulting process.
    • Change Management, including tools and techniques related to assessing change readiness and understanding absorptive capacity.

    The Essentials of Management Consulting is a blended course and is offered online. The course has 2 components: a self-paced online module to be completed first and then 6 live virtual classroom sessions. The virtual classroom component is 6 weeks in length. Each virtual classroom is 3hrs in length, however budget additional time each week to complete the assignments and group work. 

    Please note that you must attend at least 5 of the 6 classes to successfully complete the class and receive credit toward your designation.

    Course length: 18hrs live, in (virtual) class, 1hr online module pre-work

    (Approximately 50hrs total, including class time and independent work)
    Please be aware that there are homework assignments and additional time must be budgeted for completing those outside of the class hours.
    NOTE: Please use Chrome or Firefox browsers for best user experience.