Make the Most of Your CMC Designation

As a Certified Management Consultant, you have attained professional recognition and committed yourself to practice to the highest standards of consulting. You adhere to the ethical standards of the consulting profession and are willing to hold yourself accountable.

The CMC designation makes a powerful statement about the expertise you bring to the table, enhancing credibility in your field. Whether you are in early-stage career or in the top tier of consultants in your industry or sector, there is always room to grow, learn, earn, and influence. Let’s make sure you are making the most of your CMC designation and membership in our organization.


To be recognized as a CMC in your industry, you need to profile your designation to clients, colleagues, and the public.

Make sure you use all the ways and means available:

  • The suffix CMC should appear after your name on LinkedIn so you are searchable for your expertise and for being a CMC. Here's how.
  • Promote your accomplishment on LinkedIn and other social media properties. Learn how!
  • Ensure your contact information, profile and credentials are up to date on the CMC-Canada member hub. 
  • CMCs are encouraged to use the designation logo in their signatures on the following materials: business cards, email, websites, and letterhead. There are options in layout and message. Check out the proper usage of the logo in the Logo Usage Guidelines and then access the designation logos in the formats you need on the CMC-Canada Member Hub, in the Advocacy Resources Forum.
  • Your email signature is one of the easiest places to establish your credential. Insert one of the recommended email tag lines to educate your client and network about your credentials.


Management consultants who leverage their CMC status communicate their professional standing and commitment to clients and others.

Here are the key messages to set you apart in your client's mind:

  • Individuals with the CMC designation are serious about the profession and have personally invested in their career.
  • A CMC must comply with the CMC Uniform Code of Professional Conduct regarding standards of competence, objectivity and ethical practices established by the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Canada. (If you'd like hard copies of the Code of Conduct to attach to your proposals, please email
  • The CMC is the client’s guarantee that, as a Certified Management Consultant, you have met a comprehensive competency profile that ensures you possess a high level of proficiency in nine areas of skill critical to effective management consulting. Should there be a breach of professional standards and ethics, clients have recourse through a complaint to their Institute.
  • CMCs are required to commit to specified levels of professional development each year. This ensures they are well acquainted with the latest trends and best practices in Management Consulting.
  • CMCs may have declared areas of expertise, but they are able to see across the whole business and understand cross-functional and stakeholder implications. They approach a client’s situation with an open mind and a deliberate process. They stand behind their professional values and choices.


Increase Your Visibility as a Thought Leader

Your personal brand is enhanced when you provide your field or industry new thought and insight in aspects of your expertise. We all gain when a CMC is recognized as a leader in their field.

CMC-Canada can help you extend your reach to new markets, networks, and potential colleagues. There are opportunities for experienced practitioners to:

Content must be professionally presented, current, and of practical interest to client organizations and other practitioners. It should not be overtly sales-oriented. Good informative content is your best sales technique. Please provide content to CMC-Canada:


Learn through Continuous Professional Development

Continuing professional development is our obligation as CMCs. In this age of disruption, client needs change. We all need to stay sharp.

Expand your knowledge and hone your skill-sets through continuing professional development. Check out the latest events in your area here.

Leverage the CMC Community

Need expertise on a project? Another CMC member can help you. Develop a network of CMCs you can call on – and let them know they can contact you when a project demands your expertise. There are many ways to network. Start with attending events and search LinkedIn in your area of interest putting CMC in the search field.

You are also now part of a worldwide community. The CMC designation is the ONLY international certification mark for the profession of management consulting. It is recognized in over 40 countries. You can sign up for the International Newsletter for CMCs connecting our global network of professional management consultants together.

Get Involved with Students and Young Professionals

If you were lucky enough to have someone who helped you along the way, then you know firsthand the value of relating to new practitioners and mentoring. Are you interested in passing on your knowledge and experience to the next generation?

There are opportunities to work with management consulting students in your area. Ways to share your expertise include:

Judging case competitions;

  • Participating in speed mentoring organized by the consulting programs in the schools;
  • Allowing a student or young professional to shadow you, exposing them to the real life and work of a professional management consultant;
  • Incorporating a young professional into your client work as an intern.
Contribute, Engage, Volunteer

What would motivate you to engage? To gain more visibility, to meet new people, to develop new skills, to influence, and develop your profession? We have numerous ways you can contribute to your professional organization – in leadership positions, as a subject matter expert and thought leader, through influencing others as we advocate for quality management consulting, by sharing your experience and mentoring, organizing networking and learning events, and helping others build consulting work experience.

Institute / Chapter volunteer opportunities can include:

  • Chapter / Institute Council members;
  • Subject matter experts (eg. writers, bloggers, resource persons, presenters);
  • Learning facilitators (eg. new member contact, facilitators, mentors, speed mentoring leads, student liaisons);
  • Organizing (eg. in-person / online event planner).

For more information, contact us at and we will forward your expression of interest to the appropriate Institute / Chapter. 


New Member Benefits

We are very happy to introduce our CMC-Canada Partners, providing you with substantial savings, access to resources and tools, helping to support you in your daily lives! Visit our new member benefits website to learn more.


CMC-Canada and BMS deliver the most comprehensive, competitive and progressive Insurance Program to Members. Learn more.

Other Benefits

US Entry for Management Consultants: There are two categories under which CMC-Canada members may temporarily work in the U.S. in their professional capacities: Business Visitors or Professionals under NAFTA.

National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP): Apply to be one of the CMCs who help CMC-Canada provide a Management Advisory Service (MAS) to eligible small and medium size technology enterprises to access up to 40 hours of business management advice. The program is administered by CMC-Canada and funded federally by NRC-IRAP.