National Office Staff

Donna ringrose

Executive Director

Main Responsibilities: Ensuring the integrity of CMC‑Canada’s day to day operations and executing the association's strategic plan. She focuses on working collaboratively with partners to build and maintain long-term mutually beneficial relationships and position CMC-Canada as a strong partner.

Contact: | T: 416-860-1515 | 800-268-1148 | Ext. 206

Jason Blow

Director, Business Development & Membership

Main Responsibilities: Facilitate the recruitment and retention of membership through the development of new and creative member services and the continuous improvement of existing services. Manage and coordinate member programs and services, including affinity partnerships, with the goal of providing indispensable benefits and value to the membership.

Contact: | T: 416-860-1515 | 800-268-1148 | Ext. 207

Jordan Sandler

Director, Marketing & Communications

Main Responsibilities: Leading the writing, preparation, and editing of association publications and collateral, including 'Consult' (an online magazine), a biweekly newsletter, news releases, annual reports, flyers, event signage. Measure, track, and report performance for digital campaigns on a variety of platforms, identifying trends and insights to further optimize performance. Develop new landing pages, optimize website user experience through A/B testing. Supporting volunteer leaders across Canada with marketing / communications plans, social media / website training, and assisting on content marketing / development efforts.

Contact: | T: 416-860-1515 | 800-268-1148 | Ext. 205

Marsha Bisson

Manager, Certification Administration

Main Responsibilities: Supporting members throughout the Certification process, answering queries about CMC Designation Streams and requirements, and tracking progress. Liaising with CMC-Canada Institutes to ensure all candidates meet Certification requirements/expectations. Answering queries/supporting participants in pre-certification Professional Development.

Contact: | T: 416-860-1515 | 800-268-1148 | Ext. 212

Janine Krzyzanowski

Coordinator, Member Relations

Main Responsibilities: Handles membership queries, applications, including all relevant data/documents, coordinating member status changes/requests, acting as a liaison between prospective member and Institute Councils, overseeing the member renewal process, and membership reports.

Contact: | T: 416-860-1515 | 800-268-1148 | Ext. 204 


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