National Office Staff

Donna ringrose

Executive Director

Ensures the integrity of CMC‑Canada’s day to day operations and executes the association's strategic plan. Her focus is to lead the organization's action plan, in support of its members, by promoting & positioning the CMC designation as the preferred designation of Management Consulting across Canada while working collaboratively with partners & stakeholders.

Contact: | T: 416-860-1515 | 800-268-1148 | Ext. 206

Jason Blow

Director of Membership

Facilitates the recruitment and retention of membership through the development of new and creative member programs & services while continuously evolving existing services. Manages and coordinates member programs and services, including affinity partnerships, with the goal of providing indispensable benefits and value to the membership.

Contact: | T: 416-860-1515 | 800-268-1148 | Ext. 207

Jordan Sandler

Director, Marketing & Communications

Shapes and leads the organization's marketing and communications strategy to positively position CMC-Canada, and its Certifying Institutes, in the marketplace while supporting the association's objectives. Leads the writing, preparation, and editing of association publications and collateral, including 'Consult' (an online magazine), a biweekly newsletter, news releases, annual reports, flyers, event signage. Supports volunteer leaders across Canada with marketing / communications plans, social media / website training, and content marketing / development efforts.

Contact: | T: 416-860-1515 | 800-268-1148 | Ext. 205

Marsha Bisson

Manager, Certification Administration

Guides & supports members throughout their Certification process while liaising with Certifying Institutes to ensure all candidates meet the CMC Certification requirements & expectations. Supports participants in pre-certification Professional Development.

Contact: | T: 416-860-1515 | 800-268-1148 | Ext. 212

Cristina Stefan

Manager, Business Development

As the Manager of Business Development, Cristina engages with consulting firms, employers, governments, and international counterpart organizations to promote corporate support of CMC-Canada programs and services. Leveraging her professional expertise at the crossroads of accounting and strategic corporate partnerships, Cristina shapes the future of the association by growing mutual value for organizations, stakeholders, and members.

Contact: | T: 416-860-1515 | 800-268-1148 | Ext. 202

Mariah thomas

Manager, Learning & Events

Guides and supports the implementation, preparation, logistics, marketing, and management of events for Institutes/Chapters across Canada.

Contact: | T: 416-860-1515 | 800-268-1148 | Ext. 208

Janine Krzyzanowski

Coordinator, Member Relations

Handles membership queries & the member application process. Coordinates member profiles  and facilitates communications between prospective members and Certifying Institute Councils. Oversees the member renewal process and develops membership reports.

Contact: | T: 416-860-1515 | 800-268-1148 | Ext. 204 


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