Innovations in the Fields of Management Consulting

Many of the CMC and FCMC members of our Alberta community are global leaders in areas of organizational management and consulting. Also, our colleagues in other provinces in Canada are additional sources of innovation and thought leadership.

We have practice-leading and thought-leader members of ICMCA in such fields as:

  • Web-/Computer Systems Design and Coding
  • Enterprise Cybersecurity, Customer Privacy & Data Protection
  • Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithm Development
  • Strategic Thinking & Planning
  • Board Governance Practices, Policies, Recruitment, Development
  • Executive/Management Coaching
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Innovation & Creativity Facilitation
  • Business Process Re-engineering, Quality Improvement, Six-Sigma
  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Human Resources Policy, Organizational Design, Recruitment
  • Financial Management, Restructuring, Tax Planning, Asset Management
  • Corporate – Social Responsibility
  • Customer Relations Management Systems & Programs
  • Engineering Design Management
  • Local Government Leadership
  • And, more.

Through monthly Professional Development sessions and annual conferences, our innovative colleagues as well as external experts share their practices and approaches with our members to help them raise their own standards of consulting.

We may also have special interest groups (SIGs) that are active in dialogue and sharing their knowledge within our professional community.

Several of our members write articles and are featured in the CMC-Canada Consult Magazine

International Resources

We have many thought-leaders who write articles in our international (ICMCI) newsletter, which members may receive and contribute to.

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