ICMCA Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan

— Vision 2025 —

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By 2025 CMC-AB will be an energetic community of ethical and competent consultants with specialties in such diverse fields as: Technology, Software, AI systems, Engineering, Environmental, Governance, Finance, Strategy, Human Resources, Customer Service & Hospitality, Data Measurement & Analytics, Quality/Six Sigma/Business Processes, Social Media, Marketing, Branding & Communications who have minimum competency across several areas and identify generally as Management Consultants.

Business, government and NFP executives will have come to appreciate the value and benefit CMC’s, FCMC’s & CMC-Firms can bring to their organizations, and regularly choose the services of CMC’s over those without certification credentials. The public will trust CMC’s as professionals and CMC-Alberta.

An expanded membership-registrant base inclusive of student, associate/candidate, and full-time CMC/FCMC members category dues, along with profitable Member events, has delivered an increased, sustainable income stream supportive of a CMC-Alberta staff & volunteer cadre proud to deliver tangible impact for both members and member clients.

— mission —

The mission of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Alberta is to provide leadership for practicing management consultants and to assure management consulting clients and the public of the qualifications, competence and ethical standards of Alberta's Certified Management Consultants.

— Critical Success Factors 2025 —

1. Revitalize the CMC-AB Member community, with impactful events that encourage networking, sharing, learning, and volunteering; plus building the “esprit de corps” among fellow professionals.

2. Streamline Certification processes, Recertification, FCMC recognition, Practice Review and Discipline that leverages our self-regulatory privilege and proactively protects clients & public.

3. Implement a multi-faceted promotional initiative in traditional media, LinkedIn, and other channels to build the reputation of the CMC designation with business, government, NFP, plus major & mid-sized Consulting Firm leaders.

4. Implement an outreach campaign to attract various specialty area Consulting Firms & Consultants to see themselves as Management Consultants and value the CMC designation.

5. Ensure updated documents, policies and administrative resources (web, digital, communications, financial, staff and volunteers) evolve to support the advancement of CMC-Alberta.


Measure(s) of Success

Primary Lead Responsibility

CSF 1 – Revitalize CMC Member Community

  • Grow the numbers of both certified and associate members

  • Continue to enhance competency of CMC and members through ongoing education/events
  • Build CMC/FCMC # of Members to 270 (40 new CMC’s), Associate members to 220 (with 75 new Candidate + 75 new Associate members) and 100 new student members

  • At least 90% (370) of CMC/FCMC and associate members attend at least 1 member Institute(s) seminars/events.


  • Growth Committee w/ Registrar
  • Education & Events C’tee

CSF 2 – Simplify & Streamline Certification, Recertification, Practice Review & Discipline to protect clients & public

  • Ensure existing CMC/FCMC members take continuous competency advancement seriously.

  • Enhance the Institutes’ proactive approach to practice review and complaint/discipline readiness.

  • Build member understanding of what it means to be part of a self-regulating profession.

  • 100% achievement of annual CPD & Attestation to the Code though annual renewal process.

  • 5% (~12 people) of members will receive a proactive practice review assessment in 2021.

  • 2 Articles in CMC-AB Members Update and regular elements in Member Education/Events promote the responsibilities of professionals
  • Board Chair & Registrar
  • Practice Review & Discipline C’tee
  • Doug/Cathy

CSF 3 – Develop & Implement a multi-faceted promotional initiative to build the reputation of CMC designation with clients & consultants

  • Put together & launch a marketing campaign for billboards, internet & social media
  • Feature 20-25 ICMCA Members in a campaign across a number of media elements. Starting in Q1 2021
  • Update by January 2021 CMC-Alberta website as a foundation for members and marketing initiatives.
  • Marketing Sub-Committee
  • Website & Social Media Committee
  • Website & Social Media Committee

CSF #4 – Develop & implement an outreach campaign to attract various specialty area Consulting Firms & Consultants

  • Reach out to Major & Mid-sized consulting firms to recruit new Associate members and CMC-Candidates including regular, MBA, experienced and executive streams.
  • Reach out to other consultants

  • Gain new CMC’s/members in a variety of categories:
    • 10 Executive
    • 10 Experienced
    • 10 MBA-Continuous Ed
    • 10 Regular
    • 75 Candidate members
    • 75 Assoc Members
    • 100 Student Members
  • AB Growth Committee – “Sales Team”

CSF # 5 - Ensure updated documents, policies and administrative resources evolve to support the advancement of CMC-AB.

  • Complete Governance-Operational Policies
  • Work with CMC-Canada to ensure sustainable administration set-up for CMC-Alberta
  • Work w CMC-Canada to ensure accurate and up-to-date Register of members, Accuracy of Candidate status, and advancement towards certification, Tracking of CPD & Attestation to the Code of Conduct.
  • Remainder of ICMCA Policies Manual to be completed by March 2021
  • Ensure error-free implementation & ongoing operation of new members CRM/SharePoint systems.
  • Implement an up-to-date database of prospective members, stakeholders, influencers and POARA contacts.
  • Governance Committee
  • Registrar and Institute Secretary
  • Registrar