​​​​Internationally Trained Professionals! 

Are you an internationally trained professional, or new immigrant to Canada?

Newcomers and internationally trained professionals are important to the management consulting profession, the community in Alberta and beyond.  Bringing cultural richness and diverse consulting experience to the profession we welcome internationally trained professionals to explore the world of consulting in Alberta and the opportunity to obtain your designation as a Certified Management Consultant.

For an internationally trained professional, someone who gained relevant management consulting experience and education outside of Canada, we understand that becoming certified can seem like a daunting task; however, we are here to help and support you every step of the way to becoming a Certified Management Consultant! 

The first step to getting started is to apply to become a prospective/associate member

This includes providing the following with your application:

  •  Resume/CV highlighting your management consulting experience:
    • You will need to demonstrate that you have engaged in some form of management consulting experience for a minimum of 600 hours during the last 24 months.  This can include internal consulting within an organization, consulting to clients, pro-bono consulting, or a combination of all.
    • New Immigrants and International Students: For those who are new to the consulting profession or are an international student, we will recognize a combination of internal consulting (working for a company), course work, consulting club involvement, assignment work, and/or pro-bono consulting work organized through the post-secondary institution as applicable towards the 600 hours requirement.
  • Proof of education:        
    • unofficial academic record/transcript/copy of degree/ECA (Education Credential Assessment)
    • Note: Official Transcripts and/or an ECA will be required prior to obtaining your full CMC designation.
    • *We understand that due to Covid-19, or other external factors you may not be able to obtain an ECA or official transcript. Please contact our ICMCA registrar at Registrar@cmc-alberta.ca to discuss providing alternate documentation to meet this requirement. 

Once you become a prospective/associate member, you can now start working towards your designation.  Please review the Pathways Flowchart for additional information on obtaining the full CMC designation.

ICMCA (CMC-Alberta) encourages new immigrants, new consultants, and international students in Alberta to join and become engaged in CMC-Alberta activities.

For more details please contact our ICMCA registrar: Registrar@cmc-alberta.ca