KPMG in Canada Embarks on a Collaboration with CMC-Canada to Foster Excellence and Ethical Integrity in Management Consulting

CMC-Canada is thrilled to announce its latest collaboration under the Consulting Firm Partner Program with KPMG in Canada. This collaboration is an example of both organizations' commitment to instilling excellence and ethical integrity in the consulting profession, with the CMC designation at its core representing these paramount values.

ArriveCan Shows Government Consultants Should Prove Ethical Business Foundations Before Getting Federal Contracts

The ArriveCan saga has sparked a crisis of reputation for consultants engaged with the federal government, leading to a widespread atmosphere of distrust. Amidst this challenge, it's imperative for the government to enhance its vetting process for consultant hires, reevaluating qualifications and certifications in light of recent events. Despite the tarnished image caused by a few bad actors, it's crucial to recognize the invaluable contribution of thousands of ethical and skilled consultants to federal projects. Moving forward, a focus on validating consultants' competencies and enforcing ethical standards in procurement processes will be essential to prevent similar incidents. Embracing recognized professional designations, such as the Certified Management Consultant, can serve as a step towards ensuring accountability and maintaining the integrity of government contracts.

Expanding a business across the border

In his insightful analysis, F. Georges Sayegh, S.A.D., FCMC, emphasizes the critical need for cybersecurity in franchising. With cyber threats escalating, Sayegh underscores the importance for franchisors to prioritize security measures, including risk assessment and incident response planning. By adopting proactive strategies, franchisors can safeguard brand reputation and consumer trust amidst growing cyber risks. Sayegh's expertise offers invaluable guidance for navigating the complex landscape of cybersecurity in franchising, ensuring stakeholders are equipped to defend against evolving threats.

As Management Consultants, we must resource transformation

Management consultants navigate uncertainty in a rapidly transforming world, guiding clients through unprecedented change by leveraging their expertise and cross-sectoral perspective to anticipate future shifts. The Three Horizons Thinking framework offers a structured approach to envisioning multiple futures, with Horizon One representing the current state, Horizon Two the transitional phase, and Horizon Three the desired future. Consultants help clients discern what to preserve, release, or cultivate, enabling effective organizational navigation amidst uncertainty. This framework equips boards and senior leaders with the strategic vocabulary and tools needed for navigating change effectively.

Navigating the Waves of Progress a conversation with Dr. Alison Konrad

In this blog, "Navigating the Waves of Progress," join Dr. Alison Konrad in a captivating conversation on gender inclusivity in the workplace. Reflecting on decades of progress and recent studies, Dr. Konrad sheds light on challenges faced by women, particularly those of color, in ascending to leadership positions. 

Empowering Consultants: Discover the Impact of ISO 20700 with CMC-Canada

CMC-Canada is pleased to re-introduce the ISO 20700 Self-Declaration Checklist training program!

Elevating Excellence: CMC-Canada’s new Consulting Firm Partner Program Certifies 30 EY Canada Management Consultants

This initiative enables EY Canada to preapprove their consultants for Certified Management Consultant (CMC) certification readiness.

Cybersecurity and Franchising: How to Protect your Brand while avoiding Vicarious Liability

It is crucial for franchisors to understand the issues posed by cybersecurity and the methods to deal with attacks.

Introducing the CMC Candidate Title: A Pilot Program in CMC-Atlantic and CMC-BC

The CMC Candidate title is part of a new pilot program that's now available to CMC-BC and CMC-Atlantic members.

CMC-Canada News: PSPC Notice to Industry on Changes to Professional Services

As part of CMC-Canada's ongoing involvement with the Supplier Advisory Committee, we've received the following notice from Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) regarding changes to federal procurement: