Introducing the CMC Candidate Title: A Pilot Program in CMC-Atlantic and CMC-BC

By: CMC-Canada

What is the CMC Candidate title, and what does it mean?
The CMC Candidate title is a significant milestone on your path towards the respected Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation. This special interim title marks your progress towards the full CMC designation. 

The CMC Candidate title, part of a new pilot program, is now available to CMC-BC and CMC-Atlantic members who have been approved within the certification program and are actively working towards earning the CMC designation. This title distinguishes you as an exceptional individual in the competitive management consulting field, showcasing your commitment to professional development and delivering outstanding results. 

Featuring the CMC Candidate title on your profile serves as a powerful endorsement of your dedication to consulting excellence, recognized by consulting firms and talent acquisition teams, and showcases your values and professionalism.

How to Use Your CMC Candidate Title:

  • LinkedIn Profile: Update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your CMC Candidate title status. It's a powerful way to showcase your commitment to excellence to your network and potential employers and clients.
  • Resume: Include your CMC Candidate title in your resume to highlight your dedication to professional growth and your alignment with the highest consulting standards – the CMC designation.

  • Business, Communications, and Marketing Materials: The CMC Candidate title conveys your credibility to clients and colleagues. This signals your dedication to ongoing professional development on route to earning your CMC designation. Include the CMC Candidate title on your business cards, email signatures, and other professional materials e.g. Jane Smith, CMC Candidate.

Next Steps
CMC-Canada will be in touch with all those eligible for the CMC Candidate title soon with your next steps to ensure you can start using this title as soon as possible. 

We encourage you to make the most of your CMC Candidate title. It is not only a recognition of your commitment to the highest standards in the management consulting industry but also a powerful tool for advancing your consulting career. 

Please note that in order to maintain the use of the CMC Candidate title, you must actively be pursuing the CMC designation by completing your required steps in a timely manner. 
All CMC Candidates must be officially assessed and admitted to the appropriate certification stream – if you are not already streamed, please submit your resume to
If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding your CMC Candidate title or the CMC certification process, please contact CMC-Canada’s certification team or visit our CMC Candidate pilot program page.