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Ontario 2021 call for nominations for FCMCs

Thank you for submitting your nominations for FCMC. Nominations are now closed.  Our awardees will be announced during the 2021 Awards Ceremony to be scheduled in December of 2021.

Your CMC-Canada Membership: Top Reasons to Renew

Each year, we strive to maximize the value of your membership dollar and bring you new opportunities to get involved with the association, network with your peers, and build your profile.  learn more

Dec 15, 2020

The Making of CATALYST 2020 Management Consulting Conference: Lessons Learned

You do not pull off a three-day conference with 12 sessions, 9 speaker sessions, 3 panel discussions involving 12 additional speakers, live musical interludes and a networking night without having a dedicated team of planners and organizers.  Learn More

Dec 1, 2020


Thanks to all our members, speakers, guests, non-members, and new members who participated in the CATALYST 2020 Management Consulting Conference.  To deal with the obstacles, challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 constraints, we quickly pivoted from the initial Live format conference, to one that was totally virtual. Read the full article to learn some key themes and takeaways we gleaned from this conference. Learn More

Dec 2, 2020

Ontario Awards Fellow Designations

The recipients of this year’s FCMC awards are each highly regarded Certified Management Consultants who have secured recognition as an outstanding professional, and in so doing have brought credit to the Certified Management designation and the management consulting profession as a whole. Learn More