Volunteer at the Chapter level today

Volunteering is a great opportunity to give back to your community, to meet new colleagues and associates, to contribute to the growth of management consulting.  The GTA, EOC and SWO regions are looking for volunteers to assist with Professional Development Events, Leadership Events, Academic Activities, Growth and Retention planning, Advocacy, partnership agreements and promotional communications.  

 There are various openings on the following Chapter Councils;

  • Greater Toronto Area (GTA)
  • South West Ontario (SWO), and
  • Eastern Ontario (EOC)

We are looking for individuals who are independent self-starters and who work well in a team.  Learn more about the available opportunities below.

Individuals can volunteer to be part of a subcommittee team.  Each team meets monthly to discuss and take action on project goals and commitments. You can also make a 1 time contribution of time to a ongoing project.

Some of our subcommittee opportunities

  • Growth and Retention Committee
    • Looking for members to work in conjunction with others to support current programs.
    • Individuals who can reach out to the business community and build ongoing relationships.
  • Professional Development Committee
    • Our PD series needs help finding and securing engaged and insightful guests.
    • Contribute as a editor, copywriter
    • Offer your advice and insights into how to make improvements
    • Become a guest or co-host an episode
  • Academic / Education Committee
    • Looking for volunteers to work with student groups on CMC participation in university hosted events.
    • Outreach to universities to connect CMC with regional programs
    • Co-ordination of CMC volunteers to attend sponsored academic events
  • Partnership Committee
    • Looking for individuals to assist with the development of partner on-boarding documentation and process.
    • Individuals to co-ordinate and research new organizations to partner with. 
  • Pro Bono Team
    • We are looking for CMC members interested in supporting a non-profit project thru 20 hours of volunteer time.
    • Volunteer your time in recruiting others to the approved Pro Bono projects.

To be considered for a chapter level volunteer position we kindly ask the you complete the Sign-up to Volunteer form below.  The form is designed so we get to know a little about you and can determine a best fit going forward.

Questions please contact us at info@cmc-ontario.ca