Meet your 2021 CMC-Ontario CMCs and FCMCs

At its November 30th Awards Celebration, the Institute of Certified Management Consultants of Ontario (ICMCO or CMC-Ontario) recognised five Fellow Certified Management Consultants as well as sixteen new Certified Management Consultant certifications.

2021 CMC Designations

Check out what you missed at CMC-Ontario's 2021 Awards Night - learn more about the value of the CMC and meet the newest Ontario CMCs!

Congratulations to the sixteen new CMC’s in 2021

  • Helen Jordan, GTA
  • Evgeny Koloda, GTA
  • Mary Ann Dunlop, SWO
  • Dominique Dumont, EOC
  • Jeffrey Kilborn, EOC
  • Brian McKay, EOC
  • Matt Ambrose, GTA
  • Robin Ivany, GTA
  • Vince Cryne, SWO
  • Michael Lang, GTA
  • Angela Cheng, EOC
  • Olivier Choinière, EOC
  • Francois R Bosse, EOC
  • Bill Ritchie, GTA
  • Frank Viti, GTA
  • Jennifer Steele Viti, GTA

Fellows Awards 2021

The FCMC award winners this year are all highly regarded Certified Management Consultants who have been recognised as outstanding professionals, bringing credit to the Certified Management designation and the management consulting profession as a whole. The new Fellows listed below have all contributed significantly to the profession through work in or on behalf of the Institute, its Member Services Chapters, other provincial or regional Institutes of Certified Management Consultants in Canada, and/or CAMC. In addition, they have volunteered in their communities. The Fellow status is open to all members of CMC-Ontario, including those who work outside of the province.

CMC-Ontario thanks each of our new FCMC’s for their contributions.

Allan Wilson, FCMC  | Greater Toronto Area Chapter

Allan Wilson is a management consultant and educator.  His 40-plus years career includes: military training, newspaper reporter, market researcher, large firm consultant, independent consultant, and educator.

Allan works with client management teams to develop their marketing and corporate strategies and coaches them through the implementation of these plans. He creates and implements successful teaching and learning strategies that support student understanding of consulting and business analysis and strategy.

After completing an MBA at the University of Western Ontario Business School, now Ivey, Allan transitioned to the information technology sector and launched a career in management consulting. Within his profession as a management consultant, he maintained a continuous personal learning track in business management trends, strategy and planning. 

Continuous involvement on the boards of industry associations, non-profit boards, and academic advisory boards, has been a theme throughout Allan’s career. In particular, Allan has helped industry organizations develop peer group programs. For the CMC GTA Chapter, Allan has provided seminars and workshops.  He helped organize many of the recent GTA chapter networking and education events. 

Allan, on behalf of CMC-Ontario and the GTA chapter, Thank you for your contributions!

Husam Sha’ath, FCMC | Greater Toronto Area Chapter

Husam Sha'ath is a seasoned consultant, trainer and practitioner in the fields of Strategic Management, Implementation Management, Corporate Transformations and Project & Program Management.  He is the Founder and President of FORTE Management Consulting Inc., a Management Consulting and Training firm based in Toronto.  Prior to that, he was a Principal Consultant in the Corporate and Operations Strategy Group with PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting in Toronto.  He holds an M.B.A. Engineering Management from the City University of London, London, UK and B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering from Leeds University, Leeds, UK.

Throughout his career, Husam implemented projects and business transformations in a number of industries across engineering and business functional areas.  He has initiated and managed projects in systems implementation, organizational restructuring, maintenance best practices and benchmarking, organizational design, product launches, quality management, aircraft heavy maintenance, and power generation equipment overhauls. 

He designed, developed, and facilitates courses in Strategic Management; Project Management; Change Management; Leadership; Creativity & Innovation; and Communications.  He teaches at the University of Toronto - School of Continuing Studies (SCS), and other academic institutions on a part-time basis.  He is a keynote speaker at events for the PMI and other professional associations in Canada and globally.

Husam has been very involved with the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada), where he is a past Chair of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Chapter Council and sat on a number of Committees at the Association.

Husam, on behalf of CMC-Ontario and the GTA Chapter, thank you for your contributions!

Sandy Moir, FCMC | Eastern Ontario Chapter

Sandy graduated with an Honors BA in Economics from Queen’s University and then joined Ekos Research Associates in 1993. This experience taught her the value of how evidence and data can support decision-making in organizations.  Most of her work focused on the federal government market in the conduct of research and evaluations. Sandy left Ekos in 1998 to work full-time on an MBA from the University of Ottawa.

Sandy joined Goss Gilroy Inc. (GGI) in 2000 where she is currently the Managing Partner of the Ottawa office. Her main practice areas are applied social research, performance measurement and change management. Her primary client group is the public sector in Canada where she is targeted on meeting her client’s needs, providing them with relevant, timely and useful reports and strategic recommendations. Currently Sandy splits her time between organizational studies (including change management and transformation work) and performance measurement and evaluation.

During her career, Sandy has had the opportunity to work on many interesting assignments. She has conducted dozens of performance measurement and evaluation studies that strive to ensure decision-makers make evidence-based decisions. She has also undertaken management studies and organizational reviews pertaining to a number of critical areas including Indigenous-led initiatives and partnerships, the Phoenix pay system and subsequent stabilization efforts, the NextGen HR and Pay Initiative, the Government of Canada’s management Accountability Framework and others. 

Sandy is a change management professional (CMP), a credentialed Evaluator (CE) and ISO 20700 certified. Her focus with the Eastern Ontario Chapter of CMC has been primarily in advocacy work with the federal government.

Sandy, on behalf of CMC-Ontario and Eastern Ontario, thank you for your contributions!

Nicholas Lal, FCMC | Greater Toronto Area Chapter

Nicholas is a skilled Management Consulting professional with wide ranging experience across the public and private sectors.  His primary clients include core government, financial institutions, infrastructure, healthcare, justice/policing, and utilities.

Nicholas has been the Senior Managing Partner with Gartner Consulting Services in Toronto for the past 7 years. Prior to this he spent ten years in various capacities within KPMG’s Management Consulting practices in Toronto, New York and London. During his time at KPMG he spent two years as KPMG’s Global Executive Director for Government, Infrastructure and Healthcare. In this role, he joined a global industry leadership team with accountability for supporting revenue and market share growth, product line expansion and development of marketing and thought leadership initiatives in KPMG’s largest international markets

His project experience is wide-ranging, with a focus on corporate and digital strategies, financial turnaround, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of public sector services, and helping clients optimize their use of technology to achieve corporate, citizen and patient outcomes.

Nicholas has a Master of Business Administration degree from McMaster University, as well as an Honours Bachelor of Life Sciences degree from Queen’s University.  He holds the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation and is a retired member of the Toronto Area Chapter Board of Directors for the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. Over the years, Nick has participated in a number of events to promote the Management Consulting profession and was a sessional faculty member in the McMaster University MBA program and a guest lecturer at the Laurier University business school.

Nicholas, on behalf of CMC-Ontario and the GTA Chapter, thank you for your contributions!

Thomas Burnie, FCMC | GTA Chapter

Thomas Burnie’s experience is a product of a military career and, since 1995, as a self-employed consultant. He has been involved directly with Program and Project Management in equipment systems requirements, training development, business process re-engineering, and human resources disciplines along with a demonstrated capability in strategic planning and facilitation. Mr. Burnie has managed or directed projects with dollar values ranging from $250K to $500M. Mr. Burnie’s involvement with adult training and education spans the same period. He has prepared and co-delivered several project management and leadership courses. In recent years, Mr. Burnie has undertaken significant governance work for three national charities.

Mr. Burnie completed a career with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Armour Branch in the fields of operations, training, project management, and Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) defence. As a military officer, Mr. Burnie completed inter alia three appointments at National Defence Headquarters; two with the Joint Staff (CBRN defence for doctrine and training, and NATO plans for North Norway issues) and one with the Canadian Army Staff (armoured vehicle requirements). As a self-employed consultant Mr. Burnie completed assignments in the public, private, not-for-profit and charitable sectors in Victoria BC, Vancouver BC, Medicine Hat AB, Toronto, ON and Ottawa.

Mr. Burnie holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Manitoba, a Certification in Business Administration from the University of Victoria and a master’s degree equivalent (MCGI) in applied Military Technology from the City & Guilds Institute, London, England. He is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Professional in Critical Infrastructure Protection (PCIP). He formerly held Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) and Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) designations. He also completed 220 hours of training and education with the Alberta Arbitration and Medication Society in conflict resolution, including group facilitation.

Thomas, on behalf of CMC-Ontario and the GTA Chapter, thank you for your contributions!