Staples CMC-Canada program offers approximately 10% in savings compared to retail pricing. An aggressively discounted pre-established list of exclusive 535+ commonly used office products for CMC Canada members.
Please Note:
Staples Professional is the commercial Division of Staples, and is administered through the website “”. CMC-Canada has a program established with Staples Professional (only) for members. Please note, the program is not connected through the site in any way.
Moving forward, members are encouraged to use Staples corporate website for all procurement needs; as prices on over 535+ items have been negotiated to offer savings to members.

Solutions for every part of your workday.

Managing a workplace means taking care of your people, your space and your budget. From random requests to last-minute fire drills, it’s your job to be everything to everyone. So we do more than deliver on the basics.

Customized for your needs. Staples Professional™ is built to help you meet the needs of your workday, from easy purchasing to meaningful savings on everything you need.

A team of professionals. Our industry experts assess your workplace and provide product advice and strategies that are relevant and actionable— so you can save right away.

Industry expertise. We’ve served businesses of every size for decades. It’s our only focus. And when it comes to serving you and your company, a proven track record really matters.

Sustainability programs. At Staples Professional, we are committed to sustainability through our ISO14001 registration, and our tech, ink and toner recycling, product offerings, as well as programs to help reduce the environmental impact of deliveries.

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