Member Insurance Program

The most competitive, comprehensive & progressive Professional and Business Insurance Program for Management Consultants in Canada. 

Secure coverage online, anytime 

CMC-Canada members have access to a range of tailored products at highly competitive rates:

As a Management Consultant, your clients depend on you to deliver professional services and advice. If your advice causes, or even is alleged to have caused a client to suffer a financial loss, you might be found liable in court and have to pay compensation to them. This is the type of liability that is covered by Errors & Omissions.
CGL is recommended for independent contractors and business owners. CGL provides coverage to protect against claims arising from injury or property damage that you (or your business) may cause to another person as a result of your operations and/or premises (for example, a client may slip and fall on a wet floor and injure themselves). 

This is a $1M Cyber Liability policy that is available for CMC-Canada members to protect against liability arising from the unauthorized disclosure of your client's private information, and your legal obligation to prevent system and/or website breaches. 
This coverage also covers Extortion costs, or the inability to access your electronic data and software.  
Unlimited access to telephone legal services for advice on any legal matter affecting you or your business. Coverage for legal costs and expenses for resolving a range of disputes, including consumer contracts, property, personal Injury, tax protection, loss of Earnings, identity theft. 

Unlimited access to telephone legal services for advice on any legal matter affecting your business. Coverage for legal costs and expenses for resolving a range of disputes, including tax protection, property, compliance & regulation, statutory license appeals, loss of earning, contract disputes & debt recovery. 
Do you employ administrative and/or professional staff? Does your business engage independent contractors or volunteers? EPL protects you and your business against allegations of employment practice violation, including wrongful termination, discrimination, workplace harassment, and other employment related allegations. 
Your protection is our priority. CMC-Canada has appointed BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd. (BMS) as its exclusive broker for the CMC-Canada Member Insurance Program, for all Professional and Business insurance coverage.

To speak to a specialist broker, contact BMS at 1-844-200-7140 or

CMC-Canada members will experience significantly reduced premiums, enhanced coverage and ongoing value, including risk resources and best-in-class service from its team of specialist brokers and legal partner. 

Here it straight from your fellow members!

Member Testimonials

“I love what I do, but there are certain aspects of practice management that are less enjoyable than others. One is finding, maintaining, and renewing professional insurance, especially different levels of coverage required by different clients. 

Recently, due to the requirements of an RFP, I needed to update our coverage, so I decided to try BMS to keep my current provider’s pricing competitive. 

Not only was BMS nearly 40% less for comparative coverage, my application was EXCLUSIVELY done online, allowing me to fine-tune coverage options, and I had my (digital) certificate within 24hrs. I absolutely recommend BMS.”

-Jame Healy CMC 
Institute President and Council Chair, CMC-BC

“Having a qualified insurance provider is a key component of my consulting practice. Recently, I became aware of the BMS insurance program as a member benefit offered by CMC-Canada.

Until now, I was happy with my current insurance company and had never considered making a change, but decided to explore my options.

I am thankful that I made this decision, it was a great experience that was quick, effortless, and added value by significantly improving my coverage, saving me a considerable amount on my premiums, and connecting me with an insurance company that truly cared about me and my business.  

Without being a member of CMC I would not have had the opportunity to access the preferred rates from BMS. The money I saved on my errors and omissions insurance was more than enough to pay for my CMC-Canada membership dues this year.”

-James Grieve, CMC, CCXP, MBA
Senior Business Advisor, Catalyst Strategies

"For the past 20+ years, I have worked in the Insurance and Financial Services industry. In 2020 when I decided to enter the world of independent consulting, I knew I would have plenty of industry friends and colleagues to call upon for E&O. 

However, no one could compete with the price offered by BMS.  Having worked in commercial sales myself in the past, I had expected a lengthy application process.  I was so surprised by the ease of the online application that I reached out to BMS to confirm I had not missed something.  They assured me that the simplified process was the result of their package policy with CMC Canada.  Binding the policy online was simple, and my documents arrived via email with 24 hours.  The renewal process for 2021 was just as simple.

If you are nervous about completing the application online, you can always request a BMS representative call to answer any questions you may have before paying and binding.  More than once, I asked for clarifications on policy wordings; the representative was very helpful and patient with my questions."

-Lisa Bruff, CMC, CIP, CRM
Owner - Bruff and Associates