Meet our Speakers

Our speakers will offer ideas, tips, and strategies to help you navigate the road to the future, to turn challenges into opportunities, to break out of the new normal with a strategic plan, to be the catalyst for success. These speakers are innovators in their areas of expertise, delivering insight on cutting-edge topics that include: digital marketing, artificial intelligence, cyber security, change management, sustainability, and strategic execution.

Today, we all must navigate in a complex world with an ever-changing landscape, and our conference speakers will focus the headlights on the road forward.

Each presenter will be worth the price of admission!

Nora Young, host of SPARK on CBC Radio.  

As host of the Spark, Nora Young explores how technology, innovation, and design can impact our lives in a rapidly changing world.  Nora Young will kick-off the conference at 12 noon on October 27th with a session on How Data-Driven Technologies are Shaping the Future. This is big data put to use.


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