ICMCA Annual General Meeting and Awards Gala – Saturday May 29th at 10am

Given the current Covid-19 situation we will be doing this, similar to last year, on a group Zoom session.

Starting at 10am, we will have a guest speaker Nejolla Korris, the "human lie detector" give us a peek into "Words Never Lie, But People Do". This will be followed by our Annual General Meeting at about 10:45am, then our Annual Awards Gala at about 11:45am. All registered members and prospective members of ICMCA will receive notice of meeting and package of materials around May 1st, with instructions on how to register as well.

All members in good-standing as of April 15, 2021 will receive their Notice of Meeting by email on May 4th. All the details of the Agenda and supporting documents will be contained in this Notice of Meeting.

Please register using the link provided.


Meanwhile, please put May 29th, 2021, 10am-12:30pm in your schedule now.