Open Mic - Strategic Planning

Join us on Sept 22  2022 (5 to 6 pm MST ) for an exciting Open Mic Zoom Session on Strategic Planning.

We want to hear from you! Come join members of the ICMCA Board who will be hosting an open mic session on the topic of Strategic Planning. The session will open with some key highlights from ICMCA Board’s recent strategic plan, and then we will break into groupings, of your choice, to discuss:

  1. The future of strategic planning services
  2. The strategic value that the CMC designation provides you in your practice
  3. A deeper dive into the ICMCA Board’s strategic plan

We’ll end with a plenary session to hear the highlights of each breakout session. Like our Virtual Happy Hours, please join for some great discussion and networking, but this time specifically for CMC-Alberta members only.

To register for the event, please click on the following URL:

Cost: FREE